Golf Fitness: Strength and Power; A 6 Month Program


Buy this book if you want to maximize your golf strength and power.  If you need more yards off the tee, here’s a systematic method to go and get it.



Power is the combination of strength and speed.  You can only be powerful if you are strong and you can move fast.  This book starts at the foundation and builds upon it layer by layer until you have all the power you can muster.  Included are 38 exercises and a 6-month workout plan that begins with a November workout and progresses all the way through April.  During that 6-month period you will gradually transition from a pure strength protocol, to a combination of strength and power, to a final workout of pure power training.  There’s never been anything like this in the world of golf fitness training!  Buy this book if you want to get as strong as possible, and then maximize your power.

38 exercises.  57 pages.

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