Golf Fitness: The Supertight Golfer’s Flexibility and Core Workout


Buy this book if you are extremely tight and it’s killing your golf game.  We’re not talking tight… we’re talking SUPERTIGHT.  You need a special golf fitness routine, and this is it.



Were you born tight?  Does your body feel like a piece of petrified wood?  Is it killing your golf game?  Then this book is for you.  On these pages you will find 21 golf exercises and three golf fitness workouts that will “unlock” your body and your potential.  This is a 6-week plan that uses a plain and simple exercise bench as a prop that will make the stretches easier for you to perform correctly.  For the first time you will be able to do exercises for golf that pay off in increased flexibility, improved performance, and longer drives.  Buy this book if you are yearning to break free of your super tight body and play the best golf of your life!

21 exercises.  34 pages.

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